One of my favorites

One of the photography writers I read, Gannon Burgett, asked what service their readers use for displaying their photos online:

While writing our last article, I started wondering what service photographers prefer to use to display their images online. Whether an amateur or professional, there are hundreds of platforms from which you can share your work in the digital realm.

Even beyond just sharing images online, we must also take into account the format we want to share them in: blog, portfolio, etc. There’s Flickr, Tumblr, 500px, and more, but we’re also looking for more custom solutions along the lines of a website you send your clients to.

My response in the comments on 2.8 was pretty straightforward but I wanted to elaborate on it here.

Photography is one of my favorite things to do, but it isn’t something I talk about a lot because my results are still very much in the amateur space. Most of the people I know who do it, are much better at it. At least as far as their choices of subject and lighting go. Although I participate in a flickr group competition it isn’t something that could become a full-time career.

So, I really enjoy Flickr due to the social aspects of that site. Comparing my photos to others in the competition is a major boon and it’s great that Flickr acts as an almost complete backup for the photos I’ve cared enough about to upload. My apartment could burn down tomorrow and I’d know that most of the photos I care about are safe online.

With tumblr I get another audience, I upload and tag my photos more heavily there and through the tags I find that people are liking my photos more than they’re being discovered on flickr.

Facebook may mangle my photos a bit but some folks are there who won’t leave to go elsewhere. Most of the really good photographers I’ve met in real life are there and won’t go to a flickr or other services.

At one point I used smugmug, but while it was perfect for a portfolio site it was lacking the social features that I get out of flickr and I wasn’t willing to pay for two services.

It’d be good to get my photography up on this self-hosted WordPress installation as well, to operate as more of a portfolio. This would probably be the least social form of it, but it’d be good to have something else here besides a description of my work history and this blorg.

You’ll find a different audience on each site but the feedback and different forms of usage I get from all of them is invaluable.