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Why is my book ringing

In which I review an iPhone 4/4S case worth writing about.


<zakk> I need to find some gullible entrepenaurs in finland who think I am a genius because I look like them but speak perfect english, not a word of finnish, and come from california
<fgfx> you could write a book, the memoirs of a man who didn’t have to ski to school in the summers and run while battling bears and wolves in the winters, i bet that’d go
straight to #1 in the scifi/fantasy sales
<fgfx> or perhaps bring a truckload of sunny california hooray -postcards over and sell those

So…. smoooth


Sole is my least-hated, most-favorite fish.

Industrial Revolutions

Biking with Danny MacAskill.

The Life and Career of Steve Jobs

It’s superior to Pirates of Silicon Valley.

The shark and I had an understanding

Japan World Cup

Apparently you can play Japan World Cup by betting on “horses”.

There are three “Volumes”, pick one and click around until you’re in the game.

Is e-mail internet?

Me: “How can I help you today, ma’am?”

Client: “Is e-mail internet”?

Me: “I beg your pardon?”

Client: “Is e-mail on the internet? I have no internet, can I still read my e-mail?”

Me: “Well yes, you must be able to get online to view your e-mail.”

Client: “Oh, dear. I can’t see my e-mail.”

Me: “Well, let’s see. Can you open up Internet Explorer for me and tell me what you see?”

Client: “Open what?”

Me: “Your browser, can you open up your browser?”

Client: “My…my…?”

it gets funnier, continue reading at Clients From Hell...


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